Workplace testing

Implement a hassle-free system to manage your employees COVID testing and records.

  • Save and securely share COVID test results and vaccination records
  • Symptom surveys to keep your workplace COVID-free
  • Automated status reporting to clear employees for work
  • Manage all your employees with one login
  • Book Telehealth appointments for COVID testing (in Beta)

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How GotTheTest can help

Avoid closures and lost revenue by implementing a system that tracks and manages employees to help your workplace stay Covid-free. Our status reporting tool allows employers to create reporting groups that record employees fit-for-work status. The reporting criteria can be customized to your business’s needs.

    Manage an unlimited number of employees without feeling the burden of storing employee health records.

    Our most used criteria are proof of vaccination or weekly Covid testing with a short symptom survey. This dual process gives an added layer of protection for your workplace.

    Our status reporting system has become the simplest compliance tool for businesses. Once we define your custom Fit-for-Work criteria, employees will log into their account, complete the short assessment, and get cleared for work.

    The automated reports will have a simple Y/N next to employees names to show if they are cleared for work while maintaining the privacy of employees medical records.

GTT workplace testing

See what you can do with GotTheTest's Enterprise plan

This demo outlines the following features:

  • Create employer and employee portals
  • Create a status reporting group
  • Join a status reporting group
  • Submit Fit-for-Work criteria
  • Download Fit-for-Work reports

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