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Wouldn't it be great if you could store and manage all your health records in one place? Now you can with GotTheTest.

  • Solutions for the vaccine-or-test mandate
  • Save and securely share diagnostic test results
  • Store immunization records
  • Manage multiple patients in one account
  • Book Telehealth appointments (in Beta)

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A healthcare solutions platform that cares

We all have unique needs to keep ourselves and the people around us safe and healthy. Start with one of our common use cases to find out how GotTheTest makes living life easier, especially through the pandemic.


Frequently asked questions

    Our top priority is to help your business navigate the pandemic with ease and confidence. While it is impossible to anticipate how the pandemic will unfold and what roadblocks it may cause for your business, we are constantly developing our software in accordance with the latest issues your business may face due to COVID-19. To address the pending vaccine-or-test Emergency Temporary Standard issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, we expanded our software to include a status reporting tool. This tool directly confronts issues businesses are facing due to the mandate with a feature called "Fit for Work" reports. All with one login, you can store and manage employee health records and get weekly reports clearing employees for work in compliance with the vaccine-or-test mandate and your workplace's COVID protocol.

    Excellent question. GotTheTest's status reporting tool is a new way to easily sync your entire company with one health protocol. Your employees will be added to a reporting group and required to complete your custom criteria. For example, employees may have to upload a vaccination record card or a negative COVID test to be considered "Fit for Work." Our system will automatically create a report with employees who are cleared for work and who are not based on the custom protocol your business follows. The status reporting tool is great for enterprises, schools & universities, event venues, and travelers who are looking to align their teams to one protocol, avoid compliance issues, and save time.

    Because we're a healthcare solution platform that cares. Health and wellness needs in the 21st century are constantly expanding and changing. We are a software that is built to last. With the best data protection & patient privacy policies and new feature releases to make healthy living convenient and affordable, you can own your health with GotTheTest.

Take a tour of GotTheTest's patient portal

This demo outlines the following features:

  • Upload immunization records
  • Create a vaccine attestation
  • Take a COVID-19 self-test
  • Store diagnostic test results
  • Create and manage multiple patients
  • Toggle between patients & filter records by patient

Safer spaces for everyone with GotTheTest's status reporting tool

We know what’s important to you. Keeping yourself, your family, your workplace, and your events Covid-free is simpler with our status reporting tool.

  • Fit-for-work status reporting
  • Fit-to-attend status reporting
  • Fit-to-travel status reporting
  • Fit-for-school status reporting

Gotthetest Status Reporting