Travel compliance

Spend more time traveling and less time testing.

  • On-demand Telehealth appointments for spontaneous travel (in Beta)
  • Travel internationally with schedule-in-advance Telehealth appointments (in Beta)
  • Safely store your immunization records for access anywhere, anytime

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How GotTheTest can help

Whether you are testing for peace of mind during your travel or you are required to show a negative Covid test result to board your flight, GotTheTest can help your travel itinerary stay on track.

    Enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of travel again. In under one minute, you can have your patient portal created and ready for use.

    Get your test kit delivered to your doorstep in one business day. GotTheTest Tip: We always recommend keeping test kits on hand so you don’t find yourself in a pinch.

    While you’re waiting for your test kit to arrive, you have the option to upload your vaccination record to your account. While this is not required, it is the safest way to save and share your vaccination status during your travels.

    Your account is set up, your test kit has arrived, and you’re days away from your flight. Input your travel date into the portal and appointments will populate for your convenience. During the 30-minute telehealth appointment, you will perform your Covid test with a proctor for verified test results.

    Immediately after your appointment, your proctor will upload your results to your account. The test results will always be available to view, download, and share, including a countdown timer until your flight.

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