Attending events

You name the event, we have the solution. Concerts, weddings, sporting games, graduations, conferences, trade shows, and more.

  • Utilize symptom surveys to screen event-goers
  • Book COVID tests in advance with a Telehealth proctor (in Beta)
  • Customizable "Fit-to-Attend" criteria
  • Manage your guest list with "Fit-to-Attend" reports

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How GotTheTest can help

Enjoy your event with the peace of mind that all attendees have gone through a Covid screening process to minimize exposures.

    It's simple. Send your guest list the sign-up link. Creating an account takes under a minute.

    Our most used Fit-to-Attend criteria are proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test result with a short symptom survey.

    Once you define your custom Fit-to-Attend criteria, your entire guest list will be required to provide their information beforing attending the event.

    The automated Fit-to-Attend report will have a simple Y/N next to attendees' names to show if they are cleared for the event based on your custom criteria.

GotTheTest events

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